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ceramic bowls 2021- Work in progress



I am currently creating a collection of ‘Whisperings’ in pure white and blue black rough textured clay.

A whisper, something which is never voiced.

As this is a work in progress I intend to create these sculptures for a gallery space to exhibit in the Spring of 2022 - a process which is meditative and painstakingly delicate, I see many… up to 100 or more.


There is no International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) symbol for whispered phonation since it is not used phonemically in any language, I feel as an artist I am moulding the symbolic phoneme in clay and sculptures. 


My intention is to open an invitation to create a shared narrative for the voiceless through this community of beings reincarnated through my installation.


The tingling sensation I receive when I am creating ‘whisperings’ feels contagious. 


We all maybe be out of tune in our disconnected conversations. We may not listen well, or not want to hear, or simply not be understood. Sometimes one cannot distinguish one word from another yet longs to convey a secret story or information without being overheard, however minimal.


I see a carpet of whisperings across a gallery floor - I hear a scream forming, rising above the landscape of death from mother earth, creating a psychological response to the austere, mute, sculptural forms of ‘Speak to me’ which will be set in and amongst the 100 ‘whisperings’.


The desperate feeling of being stabbed through the heart many times when someone doesn’t listen, who may not hear, yet we continue to scramble to be recognised. The blend of movement of so many ‘whispers’ at once creates a stirring of memories.

I want to share my absorption, to open a conversation, to create a sensory response, to invoke the frisson of voices in the flickering absence of words.


Carolyn Savidge