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2019. Found items, Exhibited at Fringe Arts Bath. Bath.

12 inspirations are created by 12 different artists. The inspirations are boxed individually and delivered to an undisclosed artist to respond to as they see fit. Each artist sends and receives an inspiration-a Germ, an embryo. The only rules are: that all work is documented and all work must fit in the box provided. A few weeks later the inspiration, the response, and all documentation are sent to another anonymous artist to develop, alter even destroy.



The resulting work is here to view. Like the paths of life, each box and its contents reveal a history; the good bits, the bad, and the ugly, an individual story in its own right, shaped by the people who came in contact with them. Some have an obvious beginning, middle and end, others, the paths are muddied and more complicated. How work has been made is as individual as they are perceived, toying with the ever familiar, nature or nurture debate.


Foundlings have no single maker and an unknown future after this show. Everything here belongs to all artists and to none of them.