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Unsung Song, Fantastic and Strange, Fab 19. instagram: unsung_song_by_carolynsavidge


This is the unsung song of a shabby coat draped in trailing cobwebs, bizarrely found underneath floorboards, a remarkable shed door, a 1950’s shrouded mannequin with tumultuous snail shell eyes … and the heart of a man who grew strawberries.


This is the unsung song of an enchanting bungalow ensnared in a tangle of bindweed and nettles, awoken to a new day as the gentle hands of a digger scrapes back the earth, uncovering curious bones, iridescent fish paste jars, intriguing entities and deeply heart felt, for surely lost, a mans flat cap … eerily silent … entombed… inexplicable.


It is all fantastic and strange…


‘Go on open the door,

Even if there’s only the darkness ticking,

even if there’s only the hollow wind,

even if nothing is there,

Maybe you’ll see a face,

or an eye,

or the picture of a picture,

Go open the door.’



Poem extract: ‘The Door’ by Miroslav Holeeb

Deep gratitude to Claire Winnan for her vision as Curator of Fantastic and Strange, to Mr B for building the set, to the late owner of the 1950’s bungalow who knew about ‘good’ terra firma,

and to the chit-chat of locals, who curiously, add a frisson to

Unsung Song … proclaiming, “No one leaves the village.”