Carolyn Savidge

Performance Artist

Carolyn Savidge Performance Artist.

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A site-specific installation, Harvest was first exhibited at Fringe Art Bath Festival 2015 as a publicly-shared shared creative concept outside the Love and Death @ Walcot Chapel collaborative exhibition. The work was created in response to Carolyn clearing her late husband’s raised vegetable garden, when she came across plant markers lodged between the onions and garlic on which he had written such notes and reminders as “harvest when leaves die down, leave bulbs to ripen”.


Harvest takes the form of a raised bed full of weeds and gone-to-seed vegetables residing in a garden shed, surrounded by boots, tools and other gardening paraphernalia. Associated artworks, photography and poetry are mounted on the walls of the shed. After viewing the work, audiences are invited to write messages – the things left unsaid – on pegs, plant markers and seed packets and plant them in and around the raised bed. These anonymous and often poignant messages are then ‘harvested’ to become the inspiration for creating new artworks and writings, and for recreating the installation at other venues.



“Harvest when leaves die down, leave bulbs to ripen”